Knitwear - Layered For Life - Autumn 2022

Layered For Life

The final Autumnal knitwear look is, of course, layering. Knitwear and layering go together perfectly, and although the softest cashmere doesn’t need an underlayer for comfort, they can still benefit from a vest, tee or light long-sleeve top underneath. 
If you’re having one of those days when you’re in one minute and out the next, such as a shopping trip, layering becomes your saviour for making your temperature – and your look – fit the circumstances. Just remember to take your roomiest shoulder bag.
The beauty of cashmere knit is that it’s light enough to be the unde rlayer itself, beneath a blazer, jacket or winter coat, and you’ll be just warm enough while looking confident and stylish. As we’ve seen above, it’s going to work with skirts, trousers, leggings or jeans, so you don’t even have to overthink it.
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