Knitwear - Fabulous Tanks - Autumn 2022

Fabulous Tanks

Knitted Tank Tops or Slip Overs are probably the best type of Autumn knitwear when it comes to being functional as well as stylish. As they’re a little lighter than a full jumper thanks to the arms being free, it means you keep your core toasty but you won’t overheat, particularly if you’re active. 

But of course, fashion isn’t just about function – you can really turn on the style in a beautiful tank top paired with your favourite long-sleeve shirt. 

Go for a lively shirt design, for example, floral or boldly patterned, and the arms and collar will shine through as highlights, while the tank itself breaks down the designs into smaller chunks. Just a simple one colour tank will do the trick, but if the collar and shoulders have a geometric design, you’re framing the look and it’s simply fabulous.

Tank tops don’t have to be completely sleeveless, either. It’s hard to know exactly where a tank top ends and a short-sleeved sweater begins, but you can have fun with the concept without having to worry too much about definitions.