Knitwear - There's Always A Cardigan - Autumn 2022

There’s Always A Cardigan 

What item of knitwear is more reliably beautiful than a delightful cardigan? Again, we have to bring function into the equation here – we’re talking autumn, when in the UK at least, you can wake up to a balmy sun and go to sleep with a heavy shower outside the window. Your favourite autumn cardi will see you through it all.

Styling a cardigan is all about what you wear underneath it. A shirt or blouse can look rather formal – and that might be exactly what you’re looking for – but since heavier autumn and winter cardigans tend to be a little heavier, it’s usually best to tone down the underlayer and go for something simple. 

With pretty much any cardigan, you can’t go wrong with a simple black or white tee shirt or long-sleeve cotton top. V-neck can work, but a crew neck style usually fits the shape better, especially when the cardi is open.

Talking of open cardigans, who said cardigans even have to have a closed mode? We love the idea of a cardigan that’s designed to sit open, without the buttons and buttonholes, for an elegant, unfussy look that’s as casual as you like. A cable knit cardigans in sea blue or pink, each with a subtly contrasting colour around the hems and cuffs. It’s simple itself to wear, and will quickly become a wardrobe staple. Who needs buttons anyway? (Sit down, Cinderella.)