Knitwear - The Skinny Look - Autumn 2022

The Skinny Look

Skinny might not spring to mind when you’re considering knitwear, but it can really make for a superb, sleek look that leaves you free to move. The classic look is a pair of skinny or straight jeans worn with a slightly oversize jumper that reaches the tops of your thighs. You’ll get extra grunge points for long sleeves that hide the hands, but that’s not to everyone’s taste – and it can be a little inconvenient if you’re working with those same hands, obviously!

While the grunge look might not quite be coming back (although it always seems to influence the catwalks), there’s nothing to say you can’t tone it down a little and keep the silhouette, but just go for a more fitted jumper. 

The Starla Jumper, works well in this style, as it has a bit of play in it but keeps the form nicely. If you’re not into skinny jeans, it can also go perfectly with leggings or those canvas trousers at the more tailored end of the spectrum. Wear it on its own or layered over a light tee for the changeable autumn weather. However you do it, you’ll look relaxed and stylish and ready to face the outdoors, whether it’s for recreation or essentials.