Five Ways to Stye Knitwear - Autumn 2022

There’s a reason why many people will instantly reply "Autumn” when asked which part of the yearly cycle they love the most – well, lots of reasons. 

For starters, the nights are drawing in but there’s still a glow in the air, and the commutes are usually done in rising or fading light. But the weather’s noticeably cooler, too, which is a relief after a long, hot summer; but you’re not into the full bite of winter.

The leaves are changing colour and the sights and aromas of a woodland walk are breathtakingly sensual, and such walks only get better if they end up in a country pub next to a roaring fire with artisan food on the table. And of course, you’re looking forward to the festive season and all that brings. 

So how should you dress to reflect this mood-enhancing season? In a nutshell, you should be looking at knitwear, particularly your better quality items. You can still show off a bit of colour to rival the palette that nature is serving up. 

Berry reds, subdued greens, fiery orange and warm yellows feel more vibrant now than at any other time of the year. You’ll stand out in the city, the countryside or in those indoor gatherings when the curtains are closed, the lights are low and the conversation and music are pulsating. You’ll jump out of every selfie against the more muted backdrop, that’s for sure!

The beauty of knitwear is that it’s versatile. A soft cashmere can be worn against the skin with complete comfort, and as it’s breathable yet warm, you can wear it for any occasion where you need to stay in control of your temperature. 

Knitwear is also made for layering, and that’s an important part of the Autumn look. It’s loose enough to throw over a T-shirt, long sleeve top or vest, but shaped perfectly for wearing under a jacket or raincoat without leading to overheating and feeling like you can’t move.

Knitwear’s versatility also extends to the garments you can wear it with. Because a jumper or cardigan can be loose and chunky or slim and light, you can conjure up the whole gamut of formality levels, from the cosiest, comfiest snuggle-up top to a businesslike knit you can wear for an important interview or at work. 

Autumn is a time for a change, and if you’re thinking of some major life decisions, get your look ready for the fireworks by choosing your knitwear carefully.

So let’s have a look at five of our favourite looks that combine chic knitwear with the rest of your wardrobe. We aim to inspire, so hopefully, we can help you get your autumn off to a flying start.