OWEN BARRY Sheepskin Sheep Keyring


As you can see - we've really raised the baa here - In fact, I would go out on a lambhere, and say this is one of the cutest keyrings in our collection.

The ideal key ring, for the farmer, animal lover or sheep admirer in your flock  - I kid ewe not.

Just wondering how many I can get away with? -  not trying to ram home the point butt:-

  • These keyrings are sheep at twice the price!
  • No sheep and nasty here, beautiful OB quality, as you would expect, we won't pull the wool over your eyes !

That's it  !!,  ewe know ewe won't be fleeced and every once in a wool you deserve a treat - don't be sheepish grab yourself a new keyring,

Okay that's it - Fare thee wool !.............

  • Attaches with trigger hook

Dimensions: H 4 cm x W 10 cm x D 7 cm